The Data Corporation At A Glance

Your Solution for Marketing and Sales Data

The Data Corporation is invested in you and the success of your business and sales team. We offer the most extensive and accurate sales leads and marketing data on companies and customers of interest to you.

Leads for Direct Mail

We are devoted to making things easier on you. By offering a superior consumer database, we are able to provide your sales team with valuable mailing lists and leads.

Leads for Dialers and Dialer Campaigns

The Data Corporation can provide you with the leads you need for telephone advertising, as well as dialer services that will reach out to your sales leads with your own approved content, freeing you up to tend to all of your new business.

Campaign Management

Once you’ve found the information that you need, we can help you get in touch with your potential clients with our email services, or help you to choose the perfect direct mailing service from our own database. With our Campaign Management service, you can sit back while The Data Corporation puts your company right in the middle of your ideal customer pool.